Raising $17,050 in only 30 days is an incredible feat. This page is dedicated to honoring those who financially supported this project through our Kickstarter campaign. I would like to extend personal thanks to each and every person who backed this project. Your support means more to me then I can put into words. By donating you were not only helping me realize my goal, but you were funding an attempt to create a cleaner, sustainable, world for our children, and our children's children to live in. Thank you.

Platinum Backers

Claire & Tom Heppner

Diana Peterson

Mike Leadam

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The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)

Karen O'Neil

The Brio Trio

Dawn C. McGinty

Rob & Kristin Wahlstrom

The Francella Family

John & June Leadam

Man Ho Kim

SoonKhen OwYong

Nancy Forrer


Deborah Frazier


The Mile Club Challenge

Hank & Vicki Fikse

Jerry Golick


USA Hemp Museum

The Law Offices of Mark C. Sherwood

Rebecca Meinhart

Elise of Samba Hood Rio

Harold Bustamonte of One Love Vibrations

John and Cherri Peterson


Stephen W. Williams

Michele Thomas

Greener Side

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Grant Smith

Jill Anderson

Kathi Spautz

Debbrah Courtney

Alex Connell

Peggy Brown


April Wilcox

Alex Hakkinen


Texas A&M University

Romain N.

Karen Craig

Pot Project

The Lucini Family

Phat-Dat Phan

Tim Hartley

Kathy Metrocavich

Patty Stow

Cristen Javier

Kristi Dingwell Davis

Maggie Genualdi

Judith Sacks Bliss

Ezra Soiferman

Brandon Holliday

Martha McSherry

GlyCop Co-op

Susan Pivk

John Laloli

Coutures Woodcraft Productions

Mark Stafford

Verdant Consulting


Leslie Lu

Annette Dahlberg

Glenn Dreyer

The Davidson Family

Save Japan Dolphins

Anne Nickerson


Alyssa McBain

Rowan Davidson

Kyle Reed

Esther Domer

Steven Torres


Bliss Dog Unlimited

Aaron Wong

Sweet Energy - April Robyn

Steve & Eva Bauer

A. Crawford

R. Russell


Lisa Ramos

Crucial Vibes Unlimited