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Hemp Plastic Water Bottles is a concept product thought up by            JD Leadam, a business entrepreneurship major at San Jose State University. This product won three 1st place prizes at the 2011 Silicon Valley Innovation Challenge and received much interest thereafter. JD is currently looking to bring this product to market and will soon begin seeking first round funding to do just that.

For those interested in helping, we will be initiating a first-round funding campaign through sometime in January. Please check back here frequently for updates and thank you for your interest.


When considering materials for our reusable water bottles, we searched for a product that was lightweight, extremely durable, 100% biodegradable, and one that posed zero health risks. Industrial hemp turned out to be the only material that met all of our high-set standards. Through the rigorous research we conducted, it was easy to see that hemp plastic is a less toxic, better performing, and more earth conscious alternative to the more commonly used glass fiber reinforced polypropylene plastic. We are attempting to revolutionize the plastic water bottle industry one bottle at a time. With our expertise and you're help, we can make this "green" dream a reality.